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iOS vs android Which is Better?

iOS vs android which is better

In the marketplace of smartphones the debate in between iOS and android is a very common and unsolved issue. Here in this content we will represent some pros and cons of both iOS and android for you as a point. Stay connected with us.

What is iOS?

iOS is the most popular smartphone operating system developed and marketed by apple. iOS operating system is a specially developed system for the iPhone.

What is Android?

Android operating system is developed and marketed by It is an open source operating system for the developers.

Software upgradation:  

Software upgrading facility is one of the most sensible issues of the iOS operating system. The upgraded software will be suitable for all available iOS devices.

Google upgraded frequently with time. Some of the users are confined with that they are not able to receive the updates from Google.  Android users enjoy customizing user interface, settings, and default apps, making it a favorite among enthusiasts and power users.

User interface:

iOs operating system is familiar for sleek and minimal design categories. iOs always concerned with user interface hence simple icons, smooth animations, and a consistent aesthetic across all Apple devices. The iOS designer prioritizes case of use and accessibility which makes it straightforward and user friendly hence iOS devices have a different affection to the users.

Android operating device provides a deserved array of user interface whereas it is an open source platform that enables the user to customize use. In many cases the customer prefers flexibility and customizable options from android device as well as operating system.

App ecosystem:

The apple apps store always rises with a broad selection of high quality apps. The apple ecosystem offers amazing integration between devices which allows the user easy switching among iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

On the other hand google play store is now available with millions of apps from where the client can easily get his desired apps by downloading the apps. Although the android user did not get the faster updates of apps but its open nature platform faster innovation and diversity results in a wide range of apps.

Hardware diversity:

The iOS operating system is available on Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple watch. Although the Apple devices are familiar for their premium built quality and cutting edge technology, its high price tag keeps away some users.

The great advantage of the android operating system is that it is available on Samsung, Google, OnePlus, Huawei, redmi, xiaomi and other relevant devices. Its diversity gives a wide range of scope to the user to get their desired device within the budget.

Security and privacy:   

Apple devices as well iOS operating is familiar for its app sandboxing, data encryption, and regular security updates and other security relevant purposes. The developer company is always concerned about the data security of users.

In this case the android operating system tries to develop data security. Its open source facilities increase the probability of malware and other security vulnerabilities.  It can be declared that in the case of security purposes the android is behind iOS.

From the above discussion it is tough to give the answer iOS and android which is better? The answer: both of the devices have their own portfolio with their own facilities. Users should select his device as per their desired budget and use of purpose. If you need amazing software updates and highly secured devices then iOS is better for you. While you need a customizable device within your budget then android is suitable for you.            

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