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Flutter vs Kotlin: Which Option Reigns Supreme?

flutter vs kotlin which is better

Read About Flutter and Kotlin-

In this present age of globalization mobile phones are the most widely used device. Mobile application as well mobile apps is special software developed by the professional developer to perform specific tasks. Flutter and Kotlin are the two popular languages for mobile apps development by the apps developer. It is a typical and tough question for the developer to choose Flutter or Kotlin. Here in this content are some advantages and disadvantages of both these apps developing language.

What is Flutter?

This is a very popular app developing language developed by google. Flutter is an open source platform with user interface software development kits. It is used for building natively compiled software applications for mobile, website as well as for desktop computers. Flutter advantage at a glance-

Single code for multiple platforms: Flutter is a single code base software program that is suitable for any other efficient platforms like iOS, android, web and other platforms.
Customizable user interface: In flutter it has lots of predesign wedge with flexible user interface for better apps development. This popular mobile apps development language that is directly compiled by ARM machines optimize its performance and reduce overhead.
Community and ecosystem: Maps, payment gateway authentication and other special features are simplified by the third party integration.
Ideal for prototyping and MVPs: The rapid development capabilities of Flutter insist it is a better option to build minimum viable products and prototyping. The reloading feature of this popular apps development gathers clients as well as stakeholder’s feedback which are increasing the facilities of apps.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a very popular app development coding language developed by Jetbrains. It is a statically typed programming language that can be run on the Java virtual machine. It is also used in server side programming whereas many backend frameworks are written in Kotlin also. Some key points are as follows-

what is kotlin

Interoperability with java: Kotlin is fully interoperable with hence it allows developers to exciting java libraries, framework and tools.
Safety and reliability: Kotlin has compile time checking facilities hence it helps to catch errors early in the development process that improve code quality and reliability.
Coroutines for asynchronous programming: Coroutines simplify the management of asynchronous tasks like network request, background processing with sequential intuitive syntax.
Preferred language for Android development: In the journey of Kotlin it achieves a large adoption in android development community which is officially declared by Google as first class language for android since 2017.

When to use Flutter?

Flutter can be used in all types of companies like small, medium and large. Based on the customer reviews flutter can be perfectly used in the development of online stores, fintech, business application and other types of applications. One of the main advantages of flutter is its serverless technology that has the ability to focus on the developer’s effort.

When to use Kotlin?

Kotlin is very useful and user friendly for any type of software development including server side, client side, web even in android. The upcoming features of kotlin in the works will be a great support for other platforms. In addition to the back end it has also a frontend that is the facade part of online apps development.

The both languages discussed in this content usually perform well and relatively inexpensive in time and money with its simple and user friendly interface. Hence select your preferred apps development language from Flutter and Kotlin.

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